“Being coached by Zsofia is an eye opening experience. She got me thinking about the issues we discussed from a whole new perspective, bringing out a creativity I knew I had, but did not know how to reach. The questions she asks are challenging and make you face the real issue at hand. I enjoyed her coaching a lot, but I enjoyed the results I got out of it even more.”

Teofana Grecea, Manchester, United Kingdom

“I have found the coaching to be helpful and motivational. At times when I have felt a little lost or stuck in a rut it has been useful to be able to voice my concerns with my coach who has helped to guide me in the right direction. To date, with the help of my coach, I have been inspired to apply for media-related jobs which I previously lacked the confidence to go for. I have also edited and added to my CV and been encouraged to make cover letters for positions to be as attractive as possible. Looking back at previous cover letters I can now see that I did not describe myself at my best.”

Rakhi Sinha, Manchester, United Kingdom

“Right from the first to the last session, I was impressed with the positive impact that they had on my target-setting. My coach provided me with the opportunity of creating my own personal platform on which I began to set targets that I aspire to reach. The sessions boosted my self-confidence and showed me ways of creating my own target-setting tools and strategies for reaching those targets.

Prior to these sessions, I had interesting ideas about my professional development targets but I lacked good ways of exploring them and turning them into reachable targets. Through these sessions, my coach gave me the opportunity to explore ways of materialising my ideas into an organised, well-structured and productive network.”

Aliki Keramida, Manchester, United Kingdom

“I found our sessions very useful. First of all because I learned that it is easier to achieve one big aim by splitting it into small ones and just work towards it. I feel that a few things that I wanted to do I actually achieved and I’ve done it thanks to the sessions with Zsofia.”

Anna Dolmatova, Manchester, Egyesült Királyság

“When I started the sessions with my coach, I started to change a number of points in my life. The overall impact of coaching is that I have a definite idea what I want to do.”

Anikó Kása, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary

“Coaching really is something that changes the way you see the world. It definitely restructures something.”

Erzsébet Dudás, Budapest,Hungary