What will happen?

A coaching session is a conversation that is entirely about the client. The coach asks directed questions, leads the coachee through the process from goal setting to drawing up a very specific action plan. In the coaching process blocks and barriers that may get in the way of actions and moving forward are uncovered, then processed and eliminated. The coach remains neutral and non-judgmental throughout the entire coaching relationship, does not voice their opinion or give advice but uses a structured conversation to help the coachee move forward on the way towards their goal.

What will I have to do?

The coachee’s job is to give the most honest answers to the coach’s questions, leading by this means to the possibility of uncovering any potential blocks and listing all the possible options that will lead to the solution. Throughout, the client must stay committed to the action plan set up and feel responsible for their actions. The coach may assign “homework” between sessions, which helps to learn more about the current situation and reach the goal faster.

How is it going to work?

Coaching can happen face to face, over the phone or skype. One session lasts 45-60 minutes; the frequency of sessions and the length of the coaching relationship depend on the final goal. In general, sessions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In most cases 4-6 sessions are sufficient for the completion of a goal, but during the process the client might uncover new possibilities and create further goals to work on.