Expat coachingRelocating to a foreign country is a big step. Whether the move is down to personal or professional reasons, settling into a new environment could be a harder job than coping with the everyday challenges of the old life, even though they might have been what triggered the need for change in the first place. Coaching can help you find charm in a new life, overcome the shock of a move and an unknown culture and the distress following the initial euphoria, and can turn your stay abroad into a positive, fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Expat coaching is recommended for those who

  • are about to travel or move abroad and wish to make the most of their time in the new country
  • have been living abroad but the new life has not met their expectations
  • are relocating or have relocated to Hungary and would like to adapt to the new culture and live a new, fulfilling life

The bureaucracy and organisation of the move could be a burden in itself. Obtaining a work permit, registering your car, building a new home, finding a school for the children, the search for the best doctors, opening a bank account, and many more tasks inevitably await the adventurous expat. Many turn back from here. However, these issues – although as a result of a lot of time and energy invested – will slowly be resolved. Only then do you realise that your life is not what it used to be any more: the new environment is affecting your performance at work, people around you have unusual attitudes and communication styles, your social life is non-existent, your lifestyle needs adjusting, and each member of the family responds to the change in an entirely different manner. The countless issues you have to deal with may develop conflicts and emotions you never imagined you would encounter.

A move will make you restructure your entire professional and private life, every single detail of your life will change. You will have to redefine your relationship with your family, colleagues, neighbours, habits and possessions. Avant Coaching supports expatriates in adapting to new environments and challenges in every area of their lives, turning their time abroad into a rewarding and memorable experience.