Avant Coaching offers support for people in all positions, who

  • are aiming for a professional promotion
  • would like to be more efficient at work
  • are facing new challenges in their new position
  • are threatened by burnout or redundancy
  • are looking to find or change jobs
  • are preparing for a job interview
  • are aiming for more job satisfaction
  • would like to achieve better work-life balance

Career coachingMost of your time awake is spent with and at work. Pressure too strong, expectations too high and too much responsibility cause the same kind of frustration, stress and dissatisfaction as an unsuitable job, lack of appreciation and the monotony of tasks. Like it or not, emotions are taken home and affect all areas of your life. Extremely rare is the person who has an unrewarding job but considers themselves happy. To create and maintain the balance you must find the ideal job, work environment, career path and attitude.

In career coaching the coach and coachee work together to uncover the current situation, the ideal and desired outcome, and produce a plan to build the path between the two, considering its impact on the employer, colleagues, family and immediate connections. As a result of coaching, the client takes actions that will move them out of their comfort zone and thus enable them to make significant changes in their career and professional life. Coaching will make the client feel empowered, successful, efficient, balanced and confident.