stock-photo-541644-dreamcatcherCoaching is becoming more and more popular and still many are not aware of what issues are worth finding a coach for. The problems are of all kinds and the market offers various solutions for them. As everyone is different, everyone needs a different method. Hence the refreshingly wide range of options to choose from.

Let us look at a few interesting areas where coaching can serve as a novel tool for the general public, providing lifelong solutions. Given the many areas of life, coaches normally specialise in a field, although life coaching is also common. If interested in issues of learning a foreign language, career changes and relocation and expatriation, go to to find more information. In this article I am going to look at health, retirement and stress and how a coach could help with any problems arising in these areas.


Wellness hotels, fitness clubs, dietary books and courses and health events are enjoying great popularity. People are obviously looking for physical and mental balance. Some find it immediately, others may keep experimenting with various methods. Every day you meet people on a constant diet and suffering yo-yo effects whose wellbeing and mood are influenced by the results of the latest diet and whose days are constantly overshadowed by failure and guilt.

Wellness coaches can help you achieve sustainable change by helping to adopt a new lifestyle. As you know, it is all in the brain, and this is how you decide to build and define a new life and personality. As a result of a successful coaching process, not only will you lose weight and become fitter, but you will notice an increased energy level, better mood and a feeling of control over your life and health.


Retirement brings one of the biggest changes in life. All of a sudden the most defining role you have had for a long time vanishes and the next day you do not wake up as the general manager, the assistant, the finance director but ‘only’ as a pensioner, a parent or grandparent. Your daily routine turns upside down, and what sounded like attractive peace and quiet before turns into a frustrating feeling of helplessness and uselessness. You have to find something to replace the 8-10 hours of work each day which is also feasible under your new financial circumstances.

Not everyone is able to design a new, retired identity, plan a new daily, weekly or yearly routine and identify with the new role. You can save a lot of worries and frustration if you start to build new relationships, lifestyle and roles towards the end of your working career. It is easy to fall into the trap of giving yourself a short break after 40-50 years of hard work and then waking up one day realising you are still on a break and living the same life as before, except for the hours spent working, the fun enjoyed at the workplace and the social contacts. Being coached will help you redefine yourself, build up your new routine and identity and live a different but just as fulfilling life as you did before.


It is a common cliché that life has accelerated, we are all under great pressure and stress is an inevitable part of life. There are millions of methods to cope with everyday challenges and a lot of people have tried them all. Stress can be caused by work, tight deadlines, health problems, family issues, financial difficulties. Surprisingly though, each technique offers the same solution to each of these causes.

However, stress does not cease to affect you once the symptoms are removed and it will return again and again. You might need someone to hold your hand and look at the situations causing stress in your life and discover the efficient methods for you – with your personality, background and view of the world – to handle pressure, and finally clarify what it is you need to do to avoid stressful situations in the future as much as possible.

Problems caused by stress are serious enough for you to rethink your current attitude and decide whether you want to maintain your lifestyle and suffer the consequences, or you want to change your life to reduce risks. The what, how and when to change might be hard to answer on your own, many times people end up thinking ‘this is the only option’. However, a coach can help you look much deeper and find solutions that you have never thought of.


You may find that digging deep in a health issue leads you to a career change, or a work-related problem may be solved by the learning and use of a foreign language. Fields of our lives are not separable, everything is linked to everything. With the help of a coach you will find these connections in yourself and the changes you make will improve other areas of your life, too, although unintentionally.

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