This sustock-photo-11282787-children-in-autumn-leavesmmer was particularly eventful. I visited interesting places, met new people, did exciting things and learnt a lot. When I returned home and reunited with friends at the beginning of September, we asked each other, ’How was your summer?’ Suddenly everyone launched into their story of the holidays, their faces lit up while recalling summer memories, then closed the conversation in low spirits by saying it was too short and over and now everything is back to normal, it is all business as usual.

After a short break I immediately started to plan the coming few months. Then I started to wonder… When it comes to the beginning of December, will anyone ask me, ’How was your autumn?’ And then when winter and spring are over, will anyone want to know what I have accomplished in the season, whether I have realised my plans and am satisfied with how things have worked out over the past few months?

Most people consider the summer to be the highlight of the year when they can relax, switch off, recharge, do something different than during the rest of the year. So you plan every single detail of your summer – the perfect time for a holiday, the perfect place, accommodation and company. You enjoy the heat, get used to it, relax, go out, organise activities, even your social life turns busy because it is easier to meet people when the weather is good. (?) Not only do you dream, plan and get ready but you live and enjoy what you have planned.

And then the cold autumn arrives when you try to cope with the idea of having nothing else to do but work for another year. You close the doors and windows because it is cold and dark outside; you complain about the weather and get ready for winter when it is going to be even colder and darker and your body will not have access to enough vitamins. You tell your friends now is the best time to meet as you will not be too busy now that summer is over, but these meetings keep being put off because of the cold and the rain. It is hard to leave the house.

The above description may be a little harsh, but let’s be honest, we all get a little sad when summer is over. Why does it have to be that way? Why can we not adopt the same attitude to all seasons as to summer? Why not start planning months in advance how you are going to relax in the cold October weather, where you are going to travel and with whom and how you are going to make those three months stand out so when winter arrives and someone asks you, ’How was your autumn?’, you could say it was exciting, eventful and relaxing and you cannot wait for September to arrive again.

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