We all knostock-illustration-19718978-businessman-casting-an-angel-shadoww the head of family who prides himself on family coming first and spends day and night in the office so he can provide for his children. We all know the executive who used to be the life and soul of the company before his promotion and now is trying to exercise power over his subordinates because he has been told this is the way to earn respect. Or his friend who used to believe in authority but modern views of leadership expect him to adopt a democratic management style, so now he is watching “hell break loose”.

Doing something that is not aligned with your values could result in conflict with both other people and yourself. You will find it hard to make sense of what is happening around you, might lose your enthusiasm and motivation, will not be able to stand up for yourself because you yourself might not know whether you are right. Everything you do must be congruent with your values; this is how you can gain inner inspiration to approach and complete tasks. The employer who follows instructions in spite of his value system will be less efficient than the one who identifies with the corporate goal.

You can refuse to be talked into buying a piece of clothing you do not like, saying “This is not me”. Many are unwilling to be employed in certain industries because they are against the activity, social impact or politics. Indeed, it is unfair to expect anyone to wear clothes they do not like or work for a company they cannot identify with, or for that matter do anything they do not believe in. How many times a day do you force yourself to act against your values? Following a diet, watching “pathetic” TV programmes, taking part in endless meetings, working long hours, going to the gym every day… How many times do you feel what you are doing is “not you” but you do it nevertheless? And if you do, what are your driving values that motivate you to do so?

Coaching uncovers real values along which you live your life and ideal ones along which you would like to live. You will match these two sets against one another and discover what it is that gives you real inner inspiration to achieve what you really want and bring about change in your life. Every goal and every step towards the goal must be in harmony with your prime drives. This is the way to guarantee that you will go along the road until you reach your goal and will not get distracted by anything you secretly consider more important or valuable.

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