The UN has declared 20th March the International Day of Happiness, recognising that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental goal of all human beings, thus happiness and the well-being of the individual must be recognised in public policy making.
The UN encourages states, organisations, institutions and individuals to raise awareness of the importance of this day. People all over the world are making pledges, organising events, giving talks or doing small acts of kindness to bring happiness to their family, friends and society.

Here are some ideas to bring a smile on the faces around us:
– make happy cupcakes and share them with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
– smile at other passengers on the bus, tram or underground. If it feels uncomfortable, just smile for yourself, others will catch it, too.
– invite your friends over and watch a happy film
– take some beautiful music to your workplace
– hug your friends
– do an act of kindness in the street – help a homeless or an old person or a tourist
– say something nice to the cashier at the shop, the petrol station or the ticket office
– call someone you have not spoken to for a while
And so on…

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