If you ask coaches and their clients what coaching means for them, you will get a long list of responses. There are, however a few key concepts that these will be based on, ones that are behind all coaching methods.
These concepts everyday terms, you will use them in conversations with your friends, and although you do not normally analyse your life along them, they play a major part in how much control you have over what happens to you. During coaching certain key concepts will be heavily relied on, on the basis of which we evaluate actions, plans and our environment. This is the way to make sure your life is in your own hands and whatever you do serves your best.



stock-photo-13836198-goldfish-jumping-off-to-new-fishtankEver since Heraclitus several other people have confirmed that the only constant thing in the world is change. Everything changes around us: nature, the environment, people. We undergo a continuous external and internal change, too, whether we want it or not- our hair and nails grow, our skin changes, just to mention a few trivialities. Our taste in food, clothes and films changes as well. We might be outraged at our earlier self saying, “What made me dye my hair blue?” or “Why did I bother watching those soaps?”

It is in the world’s and man’s nature to long for change, to strive for something new again and again. Innovation, however, is not always easy, it might be a long way till you can enjoy the fruits of hard work. Thus, many will chose to wait for change rather than trigger it themselves; in fact, some will even reject it just to be able to stay in the security of the present, not have to give up what is already there. After all, “a bird in the hand….”. Wanting to feel safe and secure is just as much a human instinct as the need for change, and considering the rules of physics, it is understandable that one would follow the path of least resistance. That is, until we realise that without change nothing will be better.

Einstein defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Following old routines, living by old habits will prevent new things from entering your life. Change may of course suddenly strike and then you will be forced to adapt, but that is much harder work than deciding to implement something new.

Coaching essentially aims to help clients improve something in their lives. It sets them on and leads them along the road to a goal that will bring a positive change. For that to happen, it is inevitable that changes are made consciously, wisely, considering consequences and new aspects they may bring into our lives. Therefore, if you aim for more than having longer hair, for the sun to rise or growing your lawn high, you have to embrace change and give it a kick-start.

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