An interactive and fun one-day workshop with Unicum-tasting at the Zwack Museum


Saturday 31st May 2014



History defines a nation, some periods more so than others.  If you have ever wondered why Hungarians are what they are, why they live and work the way they do and how different the next generation is going to be, you will have many of your questions answered in this one-day workshop discussing the facts and ideas of the communist era.


Did you know?

  • In 1965 the average gross salary was 1766 HUF, while the price of a car was 40 times this much.
  • In 1942 a factory foreman earned 5 times as much as a factory worker.
  • In the 50s 65-75% of the population lived under minimum standards.
  • In the mid-50s 41% of the flats in Budapest were between the size of 11-20 square meters.
  • In 1960 only 16% of homes had a toilette.
  • In the early 80s there were 266 caverns used as homes.
  • BUT there were 120 000 holiday homes registered in 1980.

Source: Tibor Vaulch, Magyar hétköznapok (Life in Hungary), Napvilág Kiadó, Budapest, 2013

Join us for a travel back in time to get a view, feel and taste of our communist past. Find out how you would have dressed, where you would have lived, what you would have studied, how you would have spent your free time, what organisations you would have joined and what socialist morals you would have followed had you lived in Hungary before the fall of the iron curtain.

Topics to be covered in this interactive, informative and entertaining workshop:

What was the secret of communism in Hungary?
Why do some Hungarians dwell on the great era of communism?
What was everyday life like?
Who was a comrade and who was the enemy?
How did a police state operate?

You are welcome to bring along your own questions about communism in Hungary and its effects on culture today.


The exclusive venue of the Zwack Museum provides a stunning environment for the programme and gives you further evidence of the effects of the political ideas of the time.

The workshop will adopt a politically impartial approach.


9:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-11:20 Workshop

11:20-11:35 Coffee break

11:35-1:00 Workshop

1:00-2:00 Lunch break

2:00-3:30 Workshop

3:30-5:00 Unicum tasting and tour of the museum


The language of the seminar is English.


The trainer

Emese Márton is a Hungarian as a foreign language teacher, sociologist and linguist, working towards a PhD in applied linguistics and another one in intercultural communication. She has been teaching Hungarian to executives, university students and embassy staff for almost ten years, during which she has gained a thorough insight into the cultural issues the various nationalities living in Hungary face. She has designed and held training courses about general cultural guidelines in Hungary as well as the communist era. Given her professional background, she has a keen interest in cultures, communication and languages and regularly takes part in research activities in these fields.


Dress code: casual



29 900 HUF + VAT

if registered before 5th May

Registration fee after 5th May is 34 900 HUF + VAT

The price includes a full day of interactive training in a small group (10-16 participants), buffet lunch, coffee break snacks, Unicum tasting and a tour of the museum.


Zwack Museum, 1095 Budapest Dandár utca 1


Parking is available in the Dandár utca car park, right next to the entrance.

Please, use the Dandár utca entrance of the museum to access the training venue.


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